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Twice a month, the French Federation for Skin publishes (in French) an new article on global issue of skin  and dermatology.

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Podcast Pierre Fabre-Kapcode « How Social Networks can help better understand Patient’s experience

Café Healthtech Podcast

25 – How Social Networks can help better understand Patient’s experience ?

After being left into the background for a long time, Patient’s experience has a more and more important place in health. We talk about interactions and emotions felt by  patients when in the health system. This experience, many patients share it online and especially on social media. The data gathered on social media can then be used by heatl stakeholders to better understand patients’ needs and expectations. With over 3,8 billions social media users worldwide, it is clear that these plaforms quickly became an important source of data

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Cécile on the radio



Cécile was interviewed on the French Radio “Europe 1” in Olivier Delacroix’s broadcast “Free on-air : No judgement, no taboos, an open conversation” (in French)

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England recently published its 2nd Rare Diseases Action Plan:

the main aims of this Action Plan are to implement the key priorities outlined in the 2021 UK Rare Diseases Framework. : to help patients get a final diagnosis faster; to increase awareness among healthcare professionals; to improve the coordination of care;     to improve access to specialist care, treatment and drugs.  (orphanews 2023.03.30)


« Taking stock of the dermatology care in France »

On 28th March,

the National Union of Dermatologists Venereologists (SNDV) published a press release about « Taking stock of the dermatology care in France » : unlike generally accepted ideas, amplified by the distorting mirror of social medias, medical activities of private dermatologists are above all clinical and surgical. Thus, over 2,500,000 medical treatments are made each year by 3,600 dermatologists, of which 2,700 are private, according to statistics published by the National Board of Health Insurance (CNAM). These medical treatments mostly concern the care of skin cancers and chronic inflammation skin disorders.


Podcast « Visible disorders of the skin » :

Visible disorders of the skin, whatever they are, draw gazes and induce various degrees of stigmatisation. This is the starting point of the VDS Programe with 3 big inititives : and epidemiology and prevalence  survey with 13138 respondants from 6 countries in late 2020, a Social Media Listening study thaht analysed over 20,000 messages posted on social medias during 3 years, and an application Patient Emotion App. to learn more about this study :    • Les Maladies Visi…  

Initiated by Patient Centricity Dpt at Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

Open up your ears and change your gaze on Visible Disorders of the Skin (in French)