VDS (Visible Disorders of the Skin) Program

This program has been set up by the “Patient Relationship” Department of  Pierre Fabre Laboratories.


Living with a visible disorder of the skin on your face and/or hands, means been continuously under the gaze of others, embarrassment and reactions that are sometimes disconcerting and even hurtful from people just passing by or met daily.

The gaze, even covert, can have unsuspected impacts on the life of people living with a visible disorder of the skin.

Let’s become aware of the power of a gaze that, if it can damage the daily life, can also illuminate it!

Listen to the podcast with patients’ interviews and try the « e-motion experience », a unique moment « in the skin of a patient ».

Enjoy visiting its page, in French and/or English :  https://www.changer-de-regard.com/