They talk about us !!

EwenLife is dedicated to rare disorders. They made an interview with Marie-Claude Boiteux to publish videos talking about Cutis Laxa: what it is, the diagnosis, treatments, Cutis Laxa Internationale, etc

Once a week, on sunday, they will edit one video. And there are 8 videos. We are sorry there was no funds to get them subtittled in English we hope you can understand French.

Here is the teaser announcing the videos on their facebook page

They also talked about Cutis Laxa on their facebook page

Here is their Youtube channel where the videos are posted.

ENJOY watching them !

Patients Representatives’ (EPAGs) work in 2019-2020 in the European Reference Network-Skin (ERN-Skin)

During the 5th annual meeting of the French Health Network FIMARAD (Network for Rare Cutaneous Disorders), Marie-Claude Boiteux presented the ePAGs’ work for Patients in ERN-Skin (in French at 9:57)

Here is how you can get subtittles in your own language :

Watch Cecile’s interview


The French Skin Federation (FFP) has launched videos (in French) from its member organisations on youtube.

Listen to Marie-Claude Boiteux talking about Cutis Laxa Internationale



Video on SHOW TV, on facebook, about Zeynep diagnosed with Cutis Laxa

(In Turkish)


Watch the video :

2 Yaşındaki Zeynep "Yaşlanma Hastalığı" ile mücadele ediyor! #ZahideYetişle

2 Yaşındaki Zeynep "Yaşlanma Hastalığı" ile mücadele ediyor! #ZahideYetişle

Publiée par Show TV sur Mardi 10 décembre 2019