Canal JDP

On 3rd December 2022, during the Dermatology Days of Paris (JDP),

organised by the French Society of Dermatology,

Marie-Claude Boiteux interviewed Pr Ludovic Martin for “Canal JDP”:


Weekly newspaper « Télé7jours » : Sophie Davant remembers the 10th Cutis Laxa patient discovered during Telethon 2001.

read this article (in French) : Sophie Davant, French journalist, tells how the Telethon 2001 supported the first research on CL

Read this article (in French)


In the Media

1st March 2022 :

Le Monde – Tribune Grand Angle :

What about recognition for rare disorders representatives ?

Read the article (in French)


April 2022 :

Le Trombinoscope :

Calling for recognition of rare disorders representatives

Read the article (in French)

Journal Radiorg (Belgium)

28th February  2022 :

Grand Angle : Journal Radiorg (Belgium)

Testimony with Amber’s mother on the occasion of Rare Disease Day

read the article (in French)

La Gazette Bonsoise

Winter 2022 :

La Gazette Bonsoise : Associations’ Life : Cutis Laxa Special

read the article (in French)


6th October :  Le Dauphiné – Bons en Chablais :

On the occasion of « Pink October » and in partnership with the local council of Bons en Chablais, Cutis Laxa Internationale  held an information stall and sold various items.


11/10/21 Le dauphiné – Bons en Chablais : Pink and Blue Walk  

The health organisations of the town  were associated with the Blue Walk dedicated to elderly people and with Pink October dedicated to Breast Cancer.


Autumn 2021 : La Gazette Bonsoise :

Report of all the events organised on the occasion of « Pink October ».

In the Media

They talk about Cutis Laxa :

On 16th March, Chiara’s testimony (in French and in Italian) was posted on Facebook :


On 7th April, « Le Tribunal du net » edited an interview with Cécile (in French).  Watch it again on our website (videos) or on the “Tribunal du Net” page “


In April and May, every week, Ewenlife published one of the 8 videos about Cutis Laxa. From diagnosis to medico-social care and treatments, all issues are tackled. You can watch them again (in French or with subtitles in your own language) on our website (videos) or on Youtube :

Cutis Laxa Videos ……… N°8 ……. last one

Here is the 8th …..and last…..of our videos

“Advice and support : “we are here !”” …  this is my conclusion

and also how we, parents, can help our “different” children.

I hope you enjoyed those videos.

you can find the 8 videos on the playlist :


and don’t forget you can have subtittles in your own language