Other Events in 2022

1st February: Pharmaceuticals Seminar

10th April : Our Little Stars” stall and entertainment

6th July : Pierre Fabre Contest, Marie-Claude Boiteux was a member of the Grand Jury that awarded the Price of the Best Patient-Centered project presented by the international chapters of the Pierre Fabre Group.

30th September and  1st October :  CHAM 2022 gathered together all stakeholders of tomorrow’s health : Politicians, Health Professionals, Institutional bodies, Pharma Industries and Patient Organisations.


22nd December 2021  Christmas Market.

Freezing cold and coming out of the pandemic meant that this market was not as interesting as it should have been.

But we stood firm all afternoon to welcome the hardy strollers.


Despite the entertainment, takings were very low.…… We will do better next year



26th September 2021  , 3rd, 9th and 16th October 2021



As part of Pink October, dedicated to breast cancer and as part of the Blue Walk, dedicated to elderly people,


Bons en Chablais’ local Council organised several events



that allowed CLI to collect over € 1,000. Thanks to all of you.


Genetic Transmission

We Are all « build up » with chromosomes transmitted by our parents.

Half of them come from our mother, the other half come from our father. We have 23 pairs of chromosome. The genes are “written” on the chromosomes. Each genetic disorder is due to one (or more) defective gene(s). There are 2 ways of transmitting the defective gene : Autosomal dominant et Autosomal recessive. For each pregnancy the risks of transmission are the same.

Autosomal Dominant : Only one defective gene is sufficient for the disorder to express itself (to be shown).

Father (or mother)                            Mother  (or father)


One of the two parents  suffers from an autosomal dominant disorder. One out of the two chromosomes has the defective gene. His body “shows” the disorder, it is expressed. There 1 risk out of 2, for each pregnancy, for transmitting the child the genetic default, and having  a child who, him(her)self ,is expressing the disorder.

Autosomal Recessive.  The 2 chromosomes must have the defective gene for the disorder to express itself. If only one chromosome has it,  one is  just « carrier » of the disorder, but it  isn’t expressed.

  1. A)The two parents are “ carriers”

Father (or mother)                            Mother (or father)


the risks are the same :

–         1 risk out of 2 for the child to be carrier

–         1 chance out of 4 for the child to have nothing at all.

–         1 risk out of 4 for for the child to express the disorder

(  If only one of the 2 parents is carrier, there is no risk for having a child expressing the disorder and 1 risk out of 2 for the child to be « carrier » )

  1. B) One of the 2 parents expresses the disorder

Father (or mother)                              Mother (or father)


All the children will be carriers.

Radio EUROPE1 (France)

« Free Channel », Europe 1, French radio, Isabelle’s testimony

“I suffer from an orphan disease that makes me look older”