A New Type of Cutis Laxa

In March, the American Journal of Medecine Genetics published an article showing that a mutation on the gene PTDSS1 leads to a very rare type of Cutis Laxa :  Lenz-Majewski Syndrome (LMS) . It includes Cutis Laxa with growth delay, dwarfism and intellectual delay. According to this study of 3 cases, this is a new type of Cutis Laxa that needs to be added to those already identified.

12 different mutations have been identified

As of today, 12 different mutations have been identified leading to Cutis Laxa. That is why Cutis Laxa classification will soon be reviewed.

  • Elastine (ELN) (2 mutations) – ADCL
  • Fibuline5 (FBLN5) – ARCL1A
  • Fibuline4 (FBLN4) – ARCL1B
  • LTBP4 – ARCL1C
  • ATP6V0A2 – ARCL2A
  • PYCR1 – ARCL2B
  • ATP6V1E1 / ATP6V1A – ARCL2C
  • ALDH18A1 – ARCL3 (De Barsy Syndrom)
  • SCYL1BP1 (Géroderma Osteodysplastica)
  • ATP7A (Occipital Horn Syndrom)
  • RIN2 (MACS Syndrom)