Psychosocial needs of children with rare diseases and their families

A new article has been published in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases which explores the day-to-day experiences of children living with rare diseases and their parents, as well as their needs and current pathways to psychosocial supports.

Five main themes : daily life with an RD; experiences with the health care system; psychosocial support; difficulties and barriers; and improvements for patient-oriented support were addressed during semi-structured interviews with young people with RD and parents of children with RD.

Overall, diagnostic delays and a lack of physician education, as well as time, socio-legal, and organisational problems all caused stress and negatively affected mental wellbeing.

Despite recent advances in awareness and care, RD still represent a great challenge for all those affected by them and their families.

(Orphanews International 2023.10.16)