Funding the French Centers of Reference

From several months and continuing, the Public Authorities have been warned about the difficulties the Centers of Reference are facing to access their dedicated funds.

On one hand, in 2017, important amounts were withdrawn from the Centers of Reference and on the other, the Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris (the Organisation managing hospitals and Centers of Reference) is not distributing the Centers of Reference the whole amount of the funds due to them.

After an emergency meeting on 14th May, which gathered 42 patient organisations and 80 coordinators from Centers of Reference, a letter has been sent to the Minister of Health, Mrs Agnès Buzyn, calling for a meeting with delegates to discuss the following proposal :

  1. To provide, at the national level, clear orders for an urgent release of the funds due to the Centers of Reference accompanied by the necessary audit trail ;
  2. To abolish the contradiction implicit in the moratorium dictated by certain hospitals and to allow the use of dedicated funds to recruit the staff needed to sustain expert missions ;
  3. To establish an evaluation of the consequences of the new calculation rules for endowment that seriously threaten question the survival of some centers ;
  4. To define priorities and the officials with whom we will continue to work.


We hope this request will be heard because the difficulties the Centers are facing have serious consequences for patients, healthcare providers and research teams.