European Commission launches its Horizon 2020 Health Research Programme 2018-2020 including rare diseases

(Orphanews 2018.11.28)

Within the call « Better Health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems », the Focus area “Personalised Medicine” includes a specific call for rare diseases: The Rare Diseases European Joint Programme Co-fund. The specific aim of this call is to create an effective pipeline from bench to bedside, by consolidating and integrating together the successful achievements of previously funded projects, databases and infrastructures and by addressing the yet uncovered areas. This integrative effort will allow contributing to achieving the new IRDiRC ( goals more efficiently. The program should be structured in four main components :

  1. Research and innovation program to be funded through transnational calls for proposals resulting in financial support to third parties, based on the annual work plans of the EJP Cofund; these transnational calls will be based on the rules of previous ERA-NET co-fund programs .
  2. Development of a virtual platform for rare diseases information, research data, data based on samples, tools and standards to support and accelerate rare diseases research; this should contribute to the Health Research and Innovation Cloud, one of the thematic clouds of the European Open Science Cloud.
  3. Capacity building to improve the research and innovation potential of key stakeholders and enhance uptake of research results.
  4. Strategic coordination and management.
Inclusiveness and networking are encouraged. Integration of patient organisations and of European Reference Networks will ensure a perfect alignment with and direct impact on healthcare implementation. The program will limit fragmentation and multiplication of efforts. With these aims, the European rare diseases community is already working together to respond to the RD-EJP call.