Cross-border care : 10 patient errors

European Commission publishes 10 patient errors in cross-border care

This follows the European Commission’s recent report on cross-border care, which showed that there is still room for improvement in patient awareness of the existence of cross-border care and especially of national contact points. This top 10 includes:

  1. Not being informed on their rights to treatment abroad under EU law
  2. Not planning their trip thoroughly
  3. Leaving without prior authorisation
  4. Not being informed on the financial implications
  5. Traveling without first contacting the National Contact Point
  6. Traveling without the transfer of medical records
  7. Not taking possible language barriers into consideration
  8. Not arranging suitable medical follow-up
  9. Not presenting the required documentation needed to obtain reimbursement
  10. Not being informed on where and how to file a complaint

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